Many years ago, Isabelle Van Eeckhout had a Vision.

Isabelle wanted to start breeding jumping horses and turned her father's farm with cows into a well thought through breeding stable of jumping horses.
Her drive and hard work to only go for the best, her talent and eye to recognize a good horse, her superb horsemenship and certainly the passion for horses was the basis to put together an excellent group of mares from which today we can say they breed performance horses.

Horses are our Passion !

It is not only making the right combination between a good mare and a good stallion that results in a good jumping horse.  Also the way Isabelle takes care of the horses, with patience and feeling, the way she works with the horses and learns them everything as of day one and the time they are given to get strong and mature is what eventually makes the difference and results in the better sport horse.

The Results speak for themselves.

The clear Vision carried out with Passion and Horsemanship results more and more in nice showjumping horses born at our stables finding their way to the international showgrounds. But every day is a new day and we keep on working hard, and continuously try to improve our results.

One of the examples of Isabelle's Vision put into practice with her Passion and horsemanship certainly is Winnie the Blue d'Ive (Mr. Blue x Quickstar x Landgraf I).
Isabelle bought the grandmother Birke III (v. Landgraf I) as she believed this mare could be one of the pillars of a good breeding stable.  Birke III was combined with Quickstar in a period that not many people believed that Quickstar was going the be one of the stallions we would all remember as a phenomenon.  This crossing resulted in True Star d'Ive.  True Star d'Ive was combined with Mr. Blue at the age of 3, again in a period that not many people believed that Mr. Blue was going the be one of the stallions we would all remember as a producer of numerous top performers.  This crossing resulted in Winnie the Blue d'Ive.
Both True Star and Winnie the Blue had an excellent career on the international showgrounds with the Danish rider Tina Lund and won many, many classes on 1m40 and 1m50 level.

Today both True Star and Winnie the Blue are present at our breeding stable, trying to improve the quality of our jumping horses and make our Vision come true.

Winnie the Blue winning the 1m50 in Verden - showjumping -